Chlorophyll Concentrations In Wellfleet Harbor

Chlorophyll concentrations are an important yardstick to measure water quality by. It serves a way to measure the amount of algae in the water. The concern with algae is when the conditions are right there can be a bloom. When a bloom occurs it can lead to oxygen depletion when the algae dies and starts to decompose the decomposition process consumes large amounts of oxygen. A bloom is not a desirable outcome and it is why monitoring and controlling the nutrient levels in the water is critical to the long term health of a water body.

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Massachusetts COVID-19 Test Results. March-April 8th 2020

What percentage of completed tests are positive for COVID-19 in Massachusetts? How many COVID-19 tests are completed per day? Since March 24th, the proportion test results that are positive for COVID 19 has more than tripled in MA. Currently, the range is between 20-30% of Massachusetts tests are positive for COVID 19. The number of COVID-19 tests conducted per day has plateaued since March 24th while the number of cases confirmed per day has increased.

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